What is involved for practices?

Practice involvements is summarised below.

photo by chrisbulle via Flickr

photo by chrisbulle via Flickr

  • Electronic search of records to identify eligible patients and send invitation letter.
  • Accommodate a CRN or research nurse at the practice to undertake patient recruitment clinics (screening & consent).
  • GP review of CV medication for participants continuing standard care (control arm) or medication adjustment onto Trinomia (FDC arm).
  • Facilitate a safety check, and final follow-up at 6 months (with support of the trial team / CRN)
  • GP medication adjustment from Trinomia back to standard care at the end of the trial (FDC arm)

No prescribing or storage of the trial drug is needed – this is all managed centrally by the trial team. The trial drug does not need to be included in pharmacy-dispensed dosette boxes.

What are likely benefits for practices of taking part?

  • Practice activities are fully costed
  • Participation will help meet stroke/TIA QOF targets as patient CV risk management is likely to improve in both arms
  • Fully supported by the trial team
  • No trial drug prescribing or storage needed

If your practice is interested in participating

Please contact the trial team to register your interest in working with us, or if you have any questions about the trial.